Harvest Time Stemming From The Smallest Seed

Harvest Time Stemming From The Smallest Seed

June 16, 2024

Readings: Ezekiel 31:1-6, 10-14
2 Corinthians 5:1-10
Mark 4:26-34

4th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2024

As an individual, Christ is very unique. The One who created everything, the One who is great is so humble. Man thinks he knows all things when it is Christ who knows everything. At 12 years of age, He could speak with so much wisdom that the elders were amazed at Him. When He spoke to the people, He would speak in a language or manner they could easily relate to. Often times He would speak of things that were agricultural, speak about planting and growing. Here He talks about the power and potential of a little seed, that when planted on the soil, this is where it receives its nourishment. The seed then, is able to grow, produce and multiply. Christ uses this as an example so that people would understand what He’s talking about. We do not see the growth process, but we will see the results when it’s harvest time. The soil works together with the seed.

Jesus goes further by explaining the Kingdom. When the seed is planted, it may take some time before growth takes place but it will surely grow. We cannot create the seed but we can hinder it from growing. This is why we need to take care of the seed which has been planted, nurture it and cause it to grow with the help of the soil (the Word of God). Christ came to restore the image that God gave us in creation but was taken away by the devil because of sin. Once we have been restored, we must take care of the image because harvest time is guaranteed. Harvest is inevitable. The basis for this harvest is the little mustard seed. In our spiritual life, we must get involved. It’s not enough that we believe but we should be doing the work. We are supposed to be building God’s Church. Colossians 1:27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

If we believe this, then it should show in our lives. Christ had the confidence to do what He had spoken. Do we believe what we have spoken from the Word of God? As He is, so are we in this world. Are we walking in His Kingdom today? The day will come when we will see the harvest of the small, little seed becoming the biggest tree. God will not put us to shame. We must trust and obey. John 14:12 “Truly, truly, I say to you, the one believing in Me, the works that I do, also he will do. And he will do greater than these, because I am going to the Father.” Do we know who we are in Christ? He is challenging us today.


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