Convocation 2nd Day Teaching

Convocation 2nd Day Teaching

Bishop Felicisimo Cordero

2nd Day of Convocation Mass

July 26, 2017

The disciples were chosen by Christ to spread the Gospel.

The Lord had to prepare them, because they were to lay the foundation. He taught them parables, He demonstrated His power to them in the storm, He explained about the Kingdom in parables.

When the seeds were planted, the birds were the “enemies” since they tried eating all the planted seeds. But from the smallest seed, a huge tree comes out where even the birds placed their nests.

The people at that time were expecting a political leader, a Messiah, even a King. Not an ordinary human being from Nazareth.

Paul preaches the importance of the Gospel of the Resurrection. How God’s kingdom will stay forever.

Therefore we need to live out the things that we have heard and learned and put these into practice.

The Holy Spirit causes us to move because He lives in us.

The Eucharist should be in the center of our lives. It is God made flesh. It is a gift from God to the church.

Trials and tribulations may be part of life, but we are to learn to live with Him so that we are strengthened.

Plant seeds. Be led by the spirit.


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