Alive And Resurrected With Christ

Alive And Resurrected With Christ

3rd Sunday in Easter
Archbishop Loren Thomas Hines
April 18, 2021

Readings: Acts 4: 5-12
1 John 1:1- 2:2
Luke 24: 36b- 48

There are several different accounts surrounding the event after Easter when Jesus appeared before the disciples. Putting all these together, they give us one beautiful picture. It was necessary that these accounts were recorded, and we should pay attention to it. Here we see the disciples gathered together in a room. They were discussing their different experiences when they saw Christ, each talking about what they’ve seen and questioning the reality of it all. They were debating whether or not they had seen a ghost or a spirit. There was great intensity. There was the confusion. The only time they recognized Him was when He broke bread with them.

Scriptures tell us that Christ “suddenly” appeared before them. It didn’t specify how he got in, as the door was locked. He was just there in their midst, and they were frightened. Jesus’ response was, “Why are you troubled? Look at my hands, my side and my feet. Touch me.” Jesus wanted them to know that it was really Him in the flesh. He wanted their faith to be restored. He wanted them to know the reality. He went further by asking them if there was anything to eat and they brought Him broiled fish with honeycomb and He ate it. Jesus is showing us that after this life, we still have our flesh. We will have our glorified flesh. Jesus had explained to the disciples the details of what he was going to go through. He needed them to realize that whatever He said was true. Jesus was also sharing that in the future, the body and spirit will come together as one.

He wasn’t there to judge them. He wanted to strengthen their faith and boost their confidence. He broke the chains of death. He is alive. There is no reason for us to not have confidence. He has triumphed over sickness, He has conquered the grave and He is reigning victoriously. Even if we “die,” we live. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

He told the disciples that because they had seen the truth, now it was their turn to go into the world to witness for Him. We were blinded in the past but now the veil has been put away so that we too, can witness Christ to the world. We should see the reality of what Christ has given us. Christ overcame sickness and death and all the powers of the enemy. If we have fear in our lives, we should be meditating on what He has done. We just have to believe in Him. Many “theologians” are trying to analyze the resurrection and coming out with different theories when all we need to do is to believe Him by faith.

God wants us to understand the reality of the resurrection. Jesus may be a spirit but is still flesh and blood. He remains in His glorified flesh. God’s plan has not changed. We are on a journey and our goal is life eternal. Let Christ rule and reign in our lives!


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