Christ Is King Of Our Lives

Christ Is King Of Our Lives

Feast of Christ the King
Archbishop Loren Thomas Hines
November 21, 2021

Readings: Daniel 7: 9-14
Revelation 1:1-8
Mark 11:1-11

The conclusion of the church calendar focuses on the kingship of Christ and the celebration of His sovereignty over all. His name is exalted above all things. He will not allow failure or defeat to reign. The life He has given to us is a life that is filled with joy. The scripture speaks of dominion and authority and there must be a kingdom by which a king is ruling. A king in the earthly domain is responsible and has jurisdiction over his surroundings, and the inhabitants. We must realize that everything comes from God. He has never failed to provide for our needs. Christ came to the world not to judge but to reconcile it back to God. He is King of kings, and Lord of lords. The day will come when every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Christ is Lord. It is a revelation that Christ is in dominion. It is not knowledge alone but it should come from the heart. It is in our hearts and minds that we should see His dominion over all. Accepting His Kingdom removes fear. This revelation should be deeply entrenched in our hearts that He is ruler of all things. The source of all. He rules over all dominions, whether they be military, political, financial, or even science and the medical field. These “dominions” have not really solved problems. God is our authority.

In God’s Kingdom, promises remain the same and have been fulfilled regardless of the attitude of man, without need of any reason or excuses. The blessings of Abraham belong to us. When man comes to the place where he will understand that all things came from God, then we should be so secured and not be intimated by threats, when we know that He is King of our lives. We have to believe it in our hearts and not just in our thoughts. The evidence of God’s faithful, steadfast consistency is that God does not change. This is what God says, and that’s all that matters Christ the King is not merely an activity or a celebration. The revelation knowledge of His Kingship should be written deep within our hearts. We should believe in His sovereignty and that He will never fail us. We have no valid reason to doubt or fear because he has proven His faithfulness to us time and time again.

Having completed the calendar year, our hearts should be preparing for the coming of the Lord. Our hearts should be with great expectations. We look at the world today and it is in chaos. But with God, the truth remains steadfast, immovable, unchangeable. On our part, how are we responding? Are we putting our faith and trust in Him? Or do we belittle ourselves and see ourselves as unimportant. Do we literally live out the grace He has given us? Most of us have wavered and we have based our lives on circumstances. We must put on the garment of salvation to show the world God’s glory. He has empowered us to live that life. We have unfortunately accepted the things of this world when we should be accepting the things of God. The world is looking for hope. God will not fail us. We should hold firm. What are we doing with what He gave us? He wiped away sin so that we could be restored to the family of God. God will save us. He will protect us. He will provide for us, but we must believe these things in our hearts. He will bring peace and joy to us. We must wear His armor to let society see that it is more profitable to walk with God. When God’s people demonstrate the life of God to the world, that we have peace in spite of what’s happening, that we are without stress or fear, then those outside the kingdom will see that there is hope. They would be wondering why we have so much peace and confidence in the midst of battle.

God’s Kingdom is a kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy. He is in dominion. He rules over every substance that exists. He should be the One we should imitate. We should see who we are in Christ. The kingdom is with us and among us. What’s in the heart God will reveal. Let us rejoice in Him this day.


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