May Your Name Be Glorified

May Your Name Be Glorified

March 17, 2024
Readings: Jeremiah 31:31-34
Hebrews 5:5-10
John 12:20-23

5th Sunday of Lent 2024 – Abp.Hines

In the recordings of the life of Christ, we are now coming to a completion of the purpose of God the Father to His Son. To the Jews, the Feast of the Passover was so important that it should never be forgotten. For us, it should be significant because the Passover signifies that we have been saved by the Blood of Christ, a mark that the enemy cannot touch us.

As Jesus and His disciples were entering into Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of the Passover, some Greeks approached Philip. They were seeking for the truth and they wanted to see Jesus. Philip then, goes to Andrew and asked him what they should do. They went to Jesus and said some Greeks wanted to talk to Him. Jesus replied, “the hour has come for the Son of man to be revealed.” He understood that this was His time. God has set specific times for things to happen. In Daniel chapter 7, he had a dream. There came out of the waves, a lion who had wings. Then another came out which was like a bear. The 3rd one was like a leopard. And the 4th beast that came out had iron teeth. All these were interpreted to be rulers of the world who were very cruel. He then kept looking on the night visions and saw one that was like the Son of man who approached the Ancient of Days, who destroyed the beasts and gave dominion to the saints. The saints will receive the Kingdom and will possess it forever.

God’s plan is set. Many times we are the ones who set the course for our own lives but fail. Struggles and pain may be temporary, but if we hold on, we will get our answer. However we are an impatient people and too often cannot wait. But God has given us the answer and if we learn to wait until the end, we will be glorified. If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it will bring forth fruit. Jesus said, “if we love our lives, we shall lose it, but if we hate our lives in this world, we shall gain eternity.” We want to be respected as somebody great. But if we just let life be life, when we reach the end, we will get the glory. John in this gospel is encouraging us that in the midst of confusion or fear, we do not give up. We must make the right choices. Christ came to set humanity free. He had to die in order to bring forth fruit. So why do we seek our own solutions to our own problems? Why do we think we can handle the situation? It may be that we are in these situations in order to bring glory to God. For when we come out victoriously, God is glorified.

Jesus prayed to the Father, “Glorify your name.” God spoke to Jesus in the Baptism and Transfiguration. This shows that God wants to speak to us. It is not wrong to be afraid. But in this fear, we are to make the right choices. As we look towards Easter, we can see that Jesus was mocked by His enemies. He suffered, He felt physical pain. Did He complain? No. Instead, He prayed and forgave those who have offended Him. He knew His purpose. He knew what He was set out to do. He was going to die. But in three days, He was going to be resurrected. And in this resurrection, God was going to be glorified. The world would be brought to new life through Him. The end of the story is always triumphant, always victorious and overcoming. He made the statement that now, judgment is open to the world. The prince of this world shall be cast out. “If I am lifted up before the world, all men would be drawn to Me.” New life was now available to all, but there would still be those who would reject Him.

So many things in the world right now are being destroyed. Things that are holy and righteous are being destroyed. But we should hold firm in our confidence in Christ. He is our strength. He has given us strength to overcome.


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