We Overwhelmingly Conquer Through Christ

We Overwhelmingly Conquer Through Christ

February 25, 2024

Readings: Genesis 22:1-14
Romans 8:31-39
Mark 8:31-38

2nd Sunday of Lent 2024

Today is the 2nd Sunday of Lent. Over the years, the Church has been celebrating the different seasons according to the Church calendar. But have we really seen the growth? We have been commissioned by God to bring forth new life. There may be 40 specified days in Lent but our preparation should really be much more than just 40 days. We have the responsibility of preparing every day. This means we should set our priorities right and set aside the things that are not important in our lives. The seasons of the Church calendar should bring changes in our lives and in our hearts. We must realize we are here for the training – not for the ceremonies.

Christ was in Nazareth for 30 years. He was at the prime of His life. But it is in these 30 years that He walks away from it all. He had a home, a family, a job. He walks away from His life in Nazareth and into the Jordan River to be baptized and to declare that He was now ready. Christ is teaching us the ways of preparation. Our commitment to Him should be priority. If we look around and read about the lives of the billionaires in this world, are they truly at peace? Do they feel secure at all times? It is in Christ that we have true peace and security.

Jesus tells His disciples about His story and what He was about to face. When Peter heard this, he immediately said, “we are not going to let this happen.” But Jesus replied, “get thee behind me Satan. He goes on to say, “if anyone wishes to follow Me, He must deny himself.” We are more than conquerors when we face the cross and overcome the problems. Our loyalty to Christ should be number one. Our response should be that of thankfulness and loyalty. Our relationship with Christ should take precedence. The enemy wants us to trust the world system and not to trust God. The Lenten season is teaching us to open our eyes and be aware of these things. God takes care of the heart. We have to take care of our mind, which should be in sync with our heart. When these two agree, God will work wonders.

Our dependence should be on the things of God and not on the things of the world. We overwhelmingly conquer through Christ Jesus. This should be our security. Christ is with the Father interceding for us. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Christ came for the whole world. We need to take what He has finished and now conquer the world for Christ. Abraham was tested when he was told to bring his son, Isaac to Mount Moriah and offer him as a sacrifice. Abraham felt the pressure but walked in obedience and faith and did exactly what he was told to do. But when he was about to plunge the knife, God stopped him and provided a ram as the sacrifice. Such was the faith of Abraham. God put him to the test but it was not meant for destruction. In life, when we are faced with tests and challenges, do we pause and think of the purpose behind it? Many times we dismiss things as an accident. But there is no such thing as an accident. Everything that happens has a purpose behind it. More than the traditions, more than the ceremonies and celebrations, we’ve got to grow in God’s ways as we follow Him.


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