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May 2017
1st Diocesan Youth Camp: Going Against the Tide of Contemporary Culture

The FUSION Youth of Redeemer Church of St. Peter (RCSP) hosted the 1st Diocesan Youth Camp of Catholic Congregation of St. John Preparer of the Way at Tanay Adventure Camp on May 22-24, 2017. The theme this year was “Going Against the Tide of Contemporary Culture” attended by young people from Tanay, Sampaloc, Morong, Greenhills, Baguio, Montalban and Caloocan. Youth participants garbed in their youth camp shirts, were grouped into five houses: House of David (Courage), House of Joseph (Integrity), House of Solomon (Wisdom), House of Barnabas (Peace), and House of Abraham......

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May 2017
1st Diocesan Youth Camp

All young people of our congregation are invited to join the 1st Diocesan Youth Camp! Our theme is “Going Against the Tide of Contemporary Culture” which promises a Bible-centric learning experience enhanced through talks with spiritual leaders and peers, with fun-filled activities for all participants. Facilitators will be our Fusion-RCSPYouth group....

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Aug 2016
Youth Anniversary and Tribute

“TREASURES IN THE DARKNESS: Finding Jesus in Hard Times” 13 Years of God Equipping the Youth. Come join us celebrate God’s faithfulness, and the life of the man who led us by example, our beloved Dcn. Jerry Garcia. Bring a friend and let’s enjoy a night of thanksgiving and praise!...

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